Why You Should Attend this Workshop?

This Workshop goes beyond complicated jargon and shows you the secrets of how NLP really works. You will experience profound transformation in this intensive, power-packed Workshop.

The tools and techniques of NLP that you will master, are a must for anyone who works with people, whether you are an ENTREPRENEUR, COACH, TRAINER, COUNSELOR, THERAPIST, HEALER, TEACHER, HR PROFESSIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, IMAGE CONSULTANT, LEADER, BUSINESSMAN or MANAGER.

NLP is also tremendously useful for individuals who seek Peak Performance such as ATHLETES, PERFORMING ARTISTS, SPORTS COACHES, etc because of its application in mind and body conditioning.

You can also Choose to Learn NLP, to transform all areas of your life and have more control over your reactions and proactively build your life and career!

Who should attend this workshop?

Whether you aim to increase your performance, abundance or become more skilled in your career, you will need to transform YOURSELF in order to catapult to the next level. This kind of massive positive change always comes when you have the skill to Master your own behavior and Powerfully influence others. To make such a transformation long-lasting, you need an expert in NLP to guide you and train you systematically.

How will this course transform my life?

This course is designed using NLP techniques, which means that you will experience every distinction and technique that you will learn, practicing them and getting skilled as the course progresses. So, as you consciously learn how to weave NLP techniques into your life, unconsciously you will be led through powerful processes to breakthrough anything that holds you back from being, doing and having what you ‘Really want’ for yourself and your family!

How can you use NLP in your work?

This program is an important stepping stone to creating a powerful foundation in any kind of change-work. If you are in a blessed profession of making a change in other people’s lives, you cannot work without being aware of the powerful distinctions and techniques of NLP. It is like any professional trying to work without his tools! Just like a doctor needs his surgical tools, a lawyer needs his books and a painter needs his canvas.

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How often have you wished that you can have complete control over your emotions and ability to influence others?

Wished that you could create powerful and deep unconscious changes within yourself effortlessly and rapidly?

What if you had powerful and scientific tools to completely reprogram any element of your unconscious mind?

We cannot change our behaviour or habits consciously. This is because our Thinking Patterns, Self-Talk, Memories, Belief, Rules, Reactions, Emotions, and Motivation, are all patterned responses, i.e; Our Programming. With NLP, you will have access to a powerful toolkit of techniques and distinctions to change at a deep unconscious level. NLP is also known for its incredible ingenious ways to build rapport with others and unconsciously influence others. Imagine the tremendous difference such a skill can make to your life and work/business.

You will experience a deeply liberating process that will transform your world inside-out. Using the powerful mind and body conditioning techniques of NLP, you will be able to stay in Peak State at all times!

Learning NLP will also make you an influential thought leader to achieve the results you seek, both in your personal and professional life!

What Will You Learn?

Learn how to associate and disassociate at will, and see your situations objectively even during difficult times.

Process information correctly and understand how our brain sorts data leading to unwanted perceptions and false interpretation of the world.

How to seamlessly communicate with others in a way that they understand and respond willingly.

Sharpening the senses to be able to see, hear and feel more accurately. Experience life more vividly and take better decisions.

Activate both sides of your brain and switch from the right to left brain and vice versa, to become more creative and generate more ideas when you need them.

Break disempowering habits such as overeating, procrastination, laziness, overthinking, negative thinking, anger, waking up late, etc.

Manage your internal mental images to overcome negative memories and manage disempowering emotions such as fear and anxiousness.

Become aware of your mental patterns, beliefs, and rules. Reprogram any disempowering software and replace it with powerful software.

Identify the formulas you run in your mind that lead to unwanted reactions and behaviors in your life.

Beat Procrastination and become mentally more aware of time and how to manage your mental timeline.

Learn the powerful concept of mental metaphors to better adapt to the different roles and relationships in your life

Become aware of the different aspects of being in Peak State and manage each element seamlessly to stay UP even when you face ups and downs in life.

Learn the best way to expand your horizon and break through the glass ceiling to bridge the gap between where you are v/s where you want to be.

Clarifying what you really want and unconsciously tune yourself and your action to manifest your dreams and goals unconsciously.

NLP Practitioner Certification

Rs. 39,000/-
  • Dates: 11th to 15th October 2023
  • Time: 10AM to 6PM on all Days
  • Venue: Hotel Novotel, Ahmedabad