Success Stories

NLP Success Stories.

Muskan Kandoi

Seema delivers high-quality training experiences that are both educational and experiential. Those workshop days were a life-changing experience and one I am so grateful to have received. I am absolutely confident in my ability to implement the skills I received in this training, and have already been able to effectively apply them with my clients while in the training and within three days of graduating. Highly recommend this course! P.S: Seema’s smile, energy & enthusiasm is contagious!

Muskan Kundoi

Tajjamul Khan

Seema has blended the difficult and powerful concepts of NLP with lots of charisma, magnetism and fun. With these, learning NLP has become the most natural process in the world. This blended recipe of NLP learning has transformed many lives. The bumper bonanza of learning NLP with Seema is that I get a 4-week project to complete which again is a fabulous mantra to make the change within me certain. I am taking away the most precious and powerful learnings from this workshop which will empower me forever. With immense sense of gratitude, I thank Seema for making me realize my actual potential. Keep spreading the fragrance of magnanimity, tranquility, love and compassion.

Tajjamul Ahmed Khan

Nidhi Shah

Are you sharpening the Axe? Well, as an Image Coach and a Trainer, I just did! Seema’s enthusiasm and delivery was infectious and rubbed off on the group as a whole, leading to varied and constructive input. She has certainly taken the LIVE online training to a new level! She is one of the most congruent people I’ve experienced – bringing certainty, focus, and humility to her teachings. I would thus favorably vouch for the Indian School of Success for NLP courses!

Nidhi Agrawal Shah

Dhirendra Singh

It was indeed an impeccable program of self-discovery, self-realization, breakthroughs, and gratitude. A big shout out to you – Seema for taking us through this amazing learning curve, nothing could have been a better way to narrate life as a journey and each moment as magical! The beauty of the workshop was its simplicity (design & structure), which even a layman can understand. There were quite a few techniques, which made us feel like being on Cloud 9 while the learnings were taking place! This program indeed has engraved a different perspective of life in me, and I am loving this change! I am indeed Inspired, Empowered & Determined to take this magic ahead!!

Dhirendra Singh

Betsy Fonseca

These 5 days of workshop indeed proved to be transformational in various areas of my life. Vimal and Seema have designed the whole program in a simple manner for anyone to understand it effortlessly. After attending this workshop, I felt like I was in sync with my thoughts. I always thought that most of the situations we face are out of our control, but through this program I learnt how to control the situations using NLP techniques It’s definitely recommended for all those who would like to experience breakthroughs in their lives.

Betsy Fonseca


This is my 2nd experience with Seema Shenoy Manek, the way she connects is an amazing talent one can have. She is an incredible trainer who gives nothing less than the best. Best of content, experience, emotions, breakthroughs….and what not. She makes you feel like family. The impact she has made Subconsciously is that every time anything happens, I unconsciously think about how Seema would deal with this and suddenly without noticing, I just start doing things differently. Overall, a perfect 10/10 for this loving, kind, and most huggable person I have ever met. I can count on her blindly and so can you.

Pragya Dugar


An amazing experience which has given me a lot to explore, as a person, my relationships and my career. Seema’s enthusiasm for the subject is incredible. She is so much full of love and light. She is a person who has brought Sunshine to my dark life and brightened it up. Looking forward for the next level of NLP Master Practitioner workshop!

Khushbu Jain

Rajesh Sethuraman

For the short-tempered man that I used to be, who gets angry at the drop of a hat, I have come a long way. I am proud today that at one point in time my wife actually thanked me with tears in her eyes for not getting angry at her, for something she thought I would! Such a big self-awareness, diagnosis and change which was enabled by Seema. She sure has the capacity to have an effect on the character, behaviour and development of the people she trains!

Rajesh Seturaman