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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP?

NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a powerful mind reprogramming science. The cutting-edge tools, techniques and strategies have been used by trainers, coaches and thought leaders across the globe for more than 40 year now. It was first developed in the United States. The NLP Toolkit can be used to reprogram your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, habits and behaviour. NLP is also commonly known as a science of rapid transformation.

How will NLP help me?

NLP is a toolkit, it can be used by anyone, in any area of their life. Just the way your computer needs an upgrade, debugging and decluttering every once in a while, to perform to its best potential, so does the human brain. The NLP Toolkit helps keep the human Hardware and Software to be up and running effectively, helping overcome any internal limitations such as beliefs, habits, emotions, thoughts and behaviour. Hence, NLP can be used to enhance the quality of your life in all areas such as health, wealth, success, relationships. NLP is also popular for its strategies to influence others subconsciously, helping you step up as a manager, leader, entrepreneur, sales person or marketeer.

How can I use NLP to grow my career/business?

NLP is also known as the Science of Success. Your career or business can only be as effective as the person running it. Most individuals are not able to get the kind of results they really want because of behavioural patterns such as procrastination, laziness, unable to take risks, lack of creativity and a lack of motivation. When you become skilled in NLP, not only will you be able to become a powerful action taker but also a seamless influencer. You will have mastery over your own behaviour and the power to influence others subconsciously. With NLP, you can shrink the time needed to grow your career/business and 10X your results.

How is NLP useful in different areas of my life?

NLP is a set of mind reprogramming tools with which you can choose to reprogram your own mind or influence another person’s mind. Like any other toolkit, you can use a permutation and combination of tools to help you in any area.


Health: NLP has tools to help you lose weight, break addictions, manage cravings and reduce pain.


Wealth: NLP Tools help you break disempowering money beliefs, create abundance and 10X your earning potential.


Relationships: NLP Strategies help you see your relationships better, resolve conflicts & influence others.


Business/Career: NLP has powerful tools to stay in peak state, enhance creativity and personal power to take action.


Leadership/Influence: Reduce Resistance and Influence others subconsciously using Quantum Linguistics and Hypnotic Patterns.


Change Makers: Trainers, Coaches, Counsellors, healers, Therapists, Teachers etc must be skilled in NLP to bring about a deep-rooted and rapid transformation in their clients.

Why should I Learn NLP from Seema ?

The study of NLP can be quite daunting; however, Seema believes in making the process simple to understand and apply. Her workshops are designed like a human process lab, which means that you will not only get skilled in this brilliant science but also experience and internalize every single concept and technique. Learning NLP from Seema is not just about learning a new skill but about totally refreshing your life. Seema has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to Mastering NLP and has trained thousands of individuals within the corporates and in her open workshops. She has herself experienced the Magic of NLP in her life, using it to not just break through an abusive marriage, but also to rebuild her life the way she truly wanted. She is a unique amalgamation of Power and Compassion, resulting in tremendous transformations in the life of everyone she trains and coaches. Once you become a part of the Indian School of Success family, you will be able to stay on track with your goals and get constant support from our fast-growing community of Powerful NLPers.

How will NLP help me breakthrough my internal limitations?

NLP is like the software programmer of our Subconscious Mind. The tools and techniques of NLP work by changing the way we save information, the neuro-connections we make, the mental lenses we form and embedding new resources in our subconscious mind. It also helps model and download excellence from others. As technical as all this sounds, when learnt in a systematic matter, NLP can help you to rapidly and completely reprogram your limiting thoughts, words, perceptions, feelings, actions, memories, attitudes, beliefs, habits and much more.

What is an NLP certification and how does it help?

Across the globe, the study of NLP has been streamlined into 3 levels.


The Practitioner level, which powerfully transforms your inner world and how you relate to the others.


The Master Practitioner level, in which you learn secret subconscious influencing techniques necessary for any leader/change agent.


The Trainer Level, where you get certified to certify others for the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level.


Getting certified in NLP, not only adds credibility to you as a Professional, but also allows you to get into scientific and deep-rooted work with your clients. 

As an NLP Professional, you will have tremendous control over your own life and power to make a profound difference to others you work with.

Can I start using NLP in my work after the practitioner level?

As an NLP Practitioner, you will get certified to use NLP techniques, concepts and tools to strengthen your results with your clients.

You can certainly begin to use NLP in your Trainings, coaching sessions, group work etc.

How can I master the science of NLP?

NLP is an extensive and comprehensive science. It can be learnt and understood seamlessly when learnt under a competent coach. All the NLP Workshops at Indian School of Success have been designed and delivered by Seema herself. The workshops are structured to get you to not just understand the concepts but, practice and internalize them in a guided group environment. The programs are highly interactive and flexible, allowing Seema to do powerful subconscious work with each of the participants, helping them achieve powerful shifts in their behaviour and outcomes.Each Program is also accompanied by various simple projects that help you practice and apply NLP in your daily life.


At India School of Success, you will have various opportunities and forums to become skilled along with a powerful and fast-growing community of NLPers who meet every single week. Learning NLP must not be a one-time task, but a continuous process. If you are serious about Mastering the brilliant science of NLP, you must make it a way of life, as it becomes for every one of our workshop participants.