Future-Proof Your Coaching

Assess Your Methods for Obsolescence

Revamp Your Coaching Style

Break free from Lengthy and Exhaustive Coaching Processes and 3X you coaching results and referrals!

Seema Shenoy Manek

The Answer is in Rapid Transformative Neuro-Coaching

Learn to strategically incorporate the powerful tools and techniques from NLP and Hypnosis into your current coaching practice. Using this subconsciously designed system, you can convert more clients, influence them to get 3X faster and better results, leading to higher referrals and repeats.custom phone caseshardshell phone casesself harmelf bar flavours

High Ticket Clients Expect
High Ticket Results

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Key NLP & Hypnosis Models
That You will Master during this Program

NLP Models to Shorten your Delivery Time and Get better Buy-in from your Clients

The Conversational Direction Model of NLP helps you maneuver your coaching conversations to subconsciously and systematically guide your client to see all aspects of their life, challenge them, and come up with solutions rapidly.

The Logical Levels of Change allow your client to go deep inside each of their levels of existence and identify what really stops them.

CARTESIAN CO-ORDINATES is a set of powerful questions that are confusing to the conscious mind and enables your client to access their Subconscious mind faster

NLP Models to Access your client’s Subconscious Mind and Embed Powerful Resources for Immediate Rapport and Transformation

You will learn how to induce conversational trance states in your client to reduce resistance, open up the subconscious mind, and help the client let go of disempowering patterns and past programming instantly.

The Milton Model is a set of language patterns developed by Milton Erickson. They are designed to confuse the client’s conscious mind, bypass the critical faculty, and help you directly embed powerful resources inside their subconscious.

The Meta Model of NLP helps you identify the subconscious templates on which your clients make decisions. This enables you to influence them to make better and quicker decisions, ultimately helping them achieve results faster.

Metaphor work allows you to completely bypass logical conversations and create life-altering realizations for your clients. It is the easiest way to bring about change, even in the most stubborn clients.

NLP Models to Motivate Clients to take quicker and Consistent Actions to Get Better Results 3X faster

Guided visualizations designed to mimic the brain’s wavelength are useful in creating dreamlike states. Here, the client gets to practice newly acquired skills and develops new beliefs and behaviors.

Change the client’s model of the world by challenging their Meta-Programs (how people process information). This helps them face up to reality faster and stops wasting time that would otherwise be spent in denial.

Using UP-TRANCE visualizations to create hyper-learning states can elevate your clients’ ability to believe in themselves and take decisive actions.

Conversational use of the Pain-Pleasure grid can motivate your clients to relinquish stubborn habits and addictions.


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