Painful Pain or SWEET Pain’?
What do YOU choose?

PAIN! This is something that human beings avoid at all costs!

It may be physical pain, the pain of failure, the pain of rejection, the pain of disappointment, the pain of loss or the pain of discomfort! Any pain is not just rejected, but we go to all lengths to ensure it does not come anywhere near us even in the future!

Yesterday, while I was addressing about 150 people in our power-packed seminar ‘Powerful Living with NLP’ at Ahmedabad, I noticed something very curious. I had just shown a video of how an eagle takes its flight of rebirth after a long process of change.

I asked the audience…how many of you feel that ‘Change is Painful?

I was expecting a few hands to rise…but it was a moment of epiphany for me when 150 hands went up simultaneously and I heard a unanimous uproar ‘I…..’.

Everyone sitting there believed that change is a ‘Painful’ process! No wonder people don’t change easily. They resist change, resist anything new! We don’t want to invite ‘Pain’ in any way, do we? so it’s better to let things be as they are.

Being a frog in a well is certainly less painful than a dolphin in the vast ocean…is’nt it? So, it’s better to wait and watch in the comfort zone rather than take a risk of pain! 

I have always been curious about why people take so much time to make decisions in their life and the reason is again quite obvious, they don’t want to take the disappointment or failure that a wrong decision may bring! So they don’t change and they don’t decide!

I have a simple question for you…Is it possible to really avoid pain in life? By resisting change or not taking the much-needed decisions in life…Are you really avoiding pain? or are you, in fact, inviting much more pain in the future? 

Let me give you some examples…

If you choose not to make a business decision because you may fail, will your business not eventually stagnate and fail in this competitive world?

If you do not do anything to assertively and actively fix your relationship issues and take some tough decisions now, will the discontent of an unfulfilled relationship not kill your spirit in the long run?

If you do not change and give up anger or ego to avoid being taken for granted, will the result of your anger not rot the foundations of intimacy in your relationship.

If you do not change and give up overeating, smoking, retail therapy, social media addiction or any other disempowering habits because it’s painful to quit…will the continuing unwanted habit not bring on massive mental, emotional, social or physical pain in the future?

My dear friend, God has made everything with a purpose… Pleasure is to make us happy and Pain is to help us grow! You must have heard of ‘No pain, No gain’ haven’t you?

But its also true that ‘No pain now means lots of pain later’!

Hear me out now…I am not saying that everything has to be painful, and that you have to live in pain all the time! No one wants that for their life!

So, here is the good news! 

YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR PAIN!…and make it pleasurable!

What do I mean by that? A few days ago, I added a few new exercises to my weight training routine. I was fine when I was exercising, but that night, I had severe burning pain in my shoulders and certain parts of my back! Now, guess what, I realized that though it was physically painful, I did not mind this pain. I knew that these places that are hurting are in fact the places where my muscles are getting toned and beautifully sculpted! Suddenly I became aware that this pain was actually…sweet! like the pain, one feels when they are in love 

Pain can turn sweet…as soon as you shift your focus from THE PAIN to THE GROWTH and reward that you will experience later because of this pain! fantastic isn’t it?

So the skill of constantly growing and thriving in life is to be able to ‘Choose your pain’. 

People ill-treat their loved ones, abuse their own bodies with junk food, allow their children to get addicted to social media, choose to stay stagnated in their life…these behaviors/habits give you PAINFUL PAIN

Instead, work on your own transformation, focus on your growth, take bold decisions despite your fear, make positive changes, be strict with yourself and take some tough calls…These choices make you grow and give you SWEET PAIN

So what do YOU choose?

The Painful Pain of Complacency and Fear?


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(C) Seema Shenoy Manek

Motivational Speaker. NLP Master Trainer. Transformation Coach. Co-Founder of Indian School of Success.