The “Be-Do-Have” Paradigm

Have you ever wondered why our life is a constant cycle of pain and frustration! Very few people are truly happy on a consistent basis. Life has it’s ways of making you feel everything is ok and then laughing  at you when things don’t go as per plans. Everyone seems to be looking for some space, some time, some place where they can feel safe, loved and at peace.

Then why is it such a struggle? The problem probably lies in one small fact!

We seem to be living our life against the way nature intended it to be. I came across this new paradigm shift in two or three different places and it all seemed to fall into place. I have been trying to live in this way for many years now, but the concept is becoming clear only of-late.
It is called the Be-Do-Have paradigm. Let me explain!

We all are in pursuit of happiness, peace, love, abundance, security, excitement or any other feelings that make us feel fulfilled. Most people think they have to first achieve or gain something in order to generate that feeling within them. So they spend their life trying to “do” by striving hard so they can “have” all those things which will let them “be” happy.

Eg: I work hard (do) to get (have) a promotion so I can “be” secure.

However it doesn’t quite work that way
One, because the current state of not having is not powerful enough and the actions that stem out of this disempowered state do not give us the desired results! And two, since we think we can be happy or secure only when we achieve these results, we never quite get to this feeling.

There is a more intelligent and smart way to be fulfilled and have all that we want to have and more…

The old strategy was “Do…have…be”

However the more natural way is to first “be” out of which stem powerful actions “do” and the “having” automatically follows.

The smart strategy for a powerful and fulfilling life,

For example

A person who thinks that he needs to be successful in order to be confident and powerful never makes it easy. His current state of anxiousness or insecurity holds him back. Instead if he is “being” confident, his actions will be effortless and having success is just a by-product of his innate confidence.

Thus always first strive to “Be” what you want in life….the rest just follows 

So “Be” happy today. Manage your state of mind and body well. This is what peak performance athletes do , so do people who live though life feeling glad and grateful.

Wish you all a happy and fulfilled life…today and forever!

(C) Seems Shenoy. Life & success coach. Bangalore, India.